Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Following the signature file 

I am on a number of mailing lists and sometimes I don't get to read every message that comes my way. Often I will scan the subject line and if it is something I know nothing about, don't have any interest in or a topic that has been discussed a hundred times already I will just delete it and move on.

On the other hand if it is something I think I can help with I will give it a quick read and if appropriate reply. I try to help out newcomers when I can. When I do read messages I always look at the signature file if one is attached. Every so often I will find some tidbit of worthwhile information there. I read one such message today in the discussion list for the PRO-92 scanner.

The message was posted by Doc, KD4E, asking about programming cables for the scanner. In his signature line was a link to his web log which I click on and read a few of the entries. Then I went from his blog to his web site and there I found a lot of interesting information. Among other things I found information on steel house construction. I have wondered out loud on more than one occasion why we don't use steel as the basic construction material for the frame of a house. Well I found out that Doc lives in a house made entirely from steel and that it is not only impervious to mold, termites and hurricanes but it is also very energy efficient. That is just one topic that he covers on his site. If you have some spare “surfing” time follow this LINK to the KD4E web site and look around. I think you will find it worth while.

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