Saturday, October 01, 2005

Harmar changes dispatch service 

From the Valley News Dispatch

Harmar supervisors agreed Monday to switch the township's emergency dispatch service in coming months from Tarentum Dispatch to Allegheny County's 911 service.

Supervisors expect to stay with Tarentum until Dec. 1. The vote was 3-0, with Supervisors Bob Seibert Jr. and Leo Chini absent.

The township had been with Tarentum Dispatch since January 2004 under a five-year contract. However, a contract clause allows the township to switch services as long as it is paid through the last quarter of Harmar's usage, according to board chairman Jim DiPalma.

Under the Tarentum contract, the township is scheduled to pay nearly $19,400 this year, almost $20,000 in 2006, $20,560 in 2007 and just under $21,200 in 2008.
Supervisor Kimberly Toney said she was "nervous" with the switch, but voted for it. "Tarentum knows the area," Toney said. "Our first concern should be the welfare of the residents."

DiPalma said he's confident in the county service after visiting its dispatch center.
"The fire and police departments have input on this," DiPalma said. "I think they'll do just as well, if not better, than Tarentum base."

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