Thursday, October 06, 2005

Skyview Radio Society to offer classes for the General Class Amateur Radio License 

The following message is from the K3MJW mailing list of the Skyview Radio Society in New Kensington.

We be thinkin, it will be best if everyone interested in taking the General class buys the ARRL General class license manual and optionally, the ARRL General license Q&A manual. Do a self-study, highlight and note things that need explained. On the Thursday after the October elmer night (October 27th) we will get together at the club and go over everyone's questions and keep doing that every Thursday until the class is ready to be tested. Between the question pool and classes, you shall be called General in short order!

The two books are available from ARRL , AES and other sources.

You're into maybe $30.00 or so for both books. Don't be cheap!

After we get the theory kicked, we will hit the code (if there still is code) and BOOM! Now is the time.

If you are planning on coming along on this journey to General city, please let me know so we know how to work things. If you feel you need extra help, we can do that too. Make plans to get on HF now bub. Ask Mac and John, it's way cool. Order you books ASAP.

Looking forward to hearing from YOU. (hopefully yens)

DE WC3O (Bob Bastone)

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