Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Web site moves to new url 

The World Wide Web has become a fantastic information resource for almost any hobby you can name. Scanning and amateur radio are no exception. Talking with each other on ham radio is great and in many cases is the only information channel that you need. As many hams found out long before the Internet became a household word though being able to pass information along in a non time dependent asynchronous manner has some real advantages. One of the first things that early radio teletype operators developed were “mailbox” type setups that would allow their machines to be turned on remotely, print out a message and then shut down or go back into a standby mode.

These were “real” Teletype machine. At that time Teletype had a policy that if there we something that you could accomplish with two electronic components, solid state or otherwise, they would take an alternate path. In involved letting one of their design engineers out of his rubber room and giving him some paper and crayons and letting him design a box with fifty gears, twenty five leavers, two dozen springs and associates hardware that would do the same function. You really had to see one of these machines operate to appreciate the art involved in doing things mechanically. But I digress.

My point is that the store and forward technology of the Internet and the World Wide Web are ideal platforms for the exchange of large amounts of information. So much so that at times it is very hard to keep track of it all. That is why so called “portals” like eHam and QRZ have become so popular. In the same way people are starting to read blogs to gather bits and pieces of information that will help you enjoy your favorite aspect of your hobby. That is one of the reason that I write this blog to help others enjoy the hobby of scanning and monitoring and in the process learn new things myself thus improving my knowledge of the subject.

So when I run across a tidbit like this one I will pass it along that you might benefit from the information that it leads to. Today I ran across an email that said that a ham who maintains a frequency listing page has moved to another url. Daniel Ruhe, KE3UC, has moved his South Western Pa. Scanner web site to http://wpascan.info. Note the .info domain. I visited the site and found that one of the links has a problem. The one that leads to Pittsburgh & Allegheny County combined produces an error message saying that the site has exceeded its bandwidth limits for the month. I'm not quite sure how that can be since all the other links on the home page seem to work correctly. Dan has a very extensive listing of the Pennsylvania State Police on his site in addition to lots of other information. Wander over and take a look for yourself. Enjoy.

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