Monday, November 21, 2005

Thanksgiving Day Sale at the Shack 

I was looking over the Radio Shack web site today which by the way they have done a lot of work on. I'm not yet convinced that all of the changes were improvements but that is another story.

One thing that I did notice was that the PRO-97 will be on sale Thanksgiving Day for $149.95 which looks like a pretty good deal to me. I called the local store that I deal with the most and asked and they confirmed that indeed the PRO-97 is on sale and is available at the reduced price now. Not listed on the web site is the fact that the PRO-94 will be reduced to $74.95 but this is a Thanksgiving Day only special. If you are looking for a non digital hand held I think the PRO-97 is a pretty good deal. I like the PRO-94 but I believe it dose not have tone squelch or alpha tagging something that I demand in the new scanners that I buy. So if you are looking for a Christmas present for that monitoring enthusiast in your house this could be a golden opportunity.

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