Saturday, December 17, 2005

Update on the PRO-97 

Well I still very pleased with my decision to purchase the PRO-97 while it is on sale. I have downloaded the WIN97 programming software and registered it. This is the only way to go with a scanner that has 1000 channels. You could wear out the keyboard if you are an active scanner enthusiast even if you are not of of those that constantly searches the spectrum for new activity.

If you are looking for a great Christmas gift for your favorite radio hobbyist this could be the one. I will write up a more detailed review of the PRO-97 over the next few days. It is not perfect and does have some drawbacks. As I have said though I am pleased enough with it that it has become my everyday “carry” scanner for my commute to, and use while at work.

So is this Pro97 a good place to start for an amateur. And I mean a fullon amateur. I drive a lot and was looking for something for the car. I also live in NYC so there is probably a lot of stuff going on. For example, can I go to the hdson river and listen to the marine traffic? Can I sit in midtown and listen to cops and firemen and cabs and whatnot? What can I do with this thing?

I asm interested in the hobby, but it's an overwhelming and complicated one and I want to start in a place that will pull me in and turn me on, not kill me with complexity and frustration. So I want a handheld I can grow into as i learn, not one I'll get bored with in a few months.
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