Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Local club spreading the word on Amateur Radio 

There are a number of amateur radio clubs in the Pittsburgh area all of which are active and server their members well. One however currently stands out for getting the word out to the general public about our hobby and the service that it provides when called upon.

Skyview Radio Society in New Kensington founded in 1960 has a long history of service to the community in a variety of ways. Over the last few years under the leadership of Bob Baston, WC3O, and others the club has seen a growth in membership and a number of improvements at the clubs facilities on Turkey Ridge Road.

In addition largely though Bob's efforts the club has gotten a lot of positive publicity in the local new media especially local news papers. Here is a link to the latest article about the club published in the Valley News Dispatch a Tribune Review paper. LINK TO SKYVIEW STORY

While the ARRL does a good job of representing the hobby in Washington DC it is the local clubs like Skyview that make up the grass roots efforts so vital to the continued growth of amateur radio. Please visit the clubs web site if you would like to learn more about them and tell a friend. Skyview offers a number of classes and activities for young and old alike. If you know someone who is interested in our pass time this could be their gateway into the hobby.

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