Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A penguin in every shack 

Well after managing to get sick over the holidays and ruin a good bit of the vacation time that I had saved to play computers and radio I'm finally back in the shack tinkering. For those of you using Linux in the ham shack I have to tell you that I have downloaded version 10.0 of SuSe and thus far I am very impressed with it. I haven't done any real definitive tests yet but I have to tell you that it “feels” faster than the 9.3 that I have been using. Boots faster and seems to load applications faster.

I currently have two Linux systems one a laptop and the other a desktop which is the main computer here in the ham shack. I have installed the new version on the laptop so far and as soon as I install some additional memory, not required but something that has been on my “to do” list, I will upgrade this box also. If you have been considering making the jump to Linux in order to be able to surf the web and send and receive email without installing a new security patch every few days, and still not being secure, you might want to consider SuSe. I will report further when I have the main system up with the new software.

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