Saturday, February 18, 2006

Radio Shack reports drop in earnings 

Here is an interesting tidbit that I got from the SCAN-L mailling list.

This morning local newspaper has a report by the Associated Press "Radio Shack Earning Drop"

Apparently RS experienced a 62% drop in it's 4th quarter earnings & plans to close 400 to 700 stores as well as 2 distribution centers (Charleston SC & Southhaven MS)

Overall Radio Shack had $1.67 billion in revenue.

Hobbyists should be on the lookout for very good deals on scanner equipment in the future. Also I wonder how other "mail order" houses that support hobby radio sales are doing? With energy prices high, as well as other uncertainties, I would imagine that their sales would be down a bit.

Should prove interesting to see what stores are closed in the future. I would say that there's going to be a greater opportunity for RS franchise type operations, but as with any business endeavour, it's not your interest in the hobby that's important but your business savy on whether this is a good deal!!!!

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