Monday, July 24, 2006

TRAMA Net Sunday July 23 2006 

We had a very good net last night. Twenty two stations checked in counting the net control station and we managed to answer a few questions. We had a brief discussion on that growing number of consumer devices that are “wireless” and how that will affect monitoring in the future. Dave, KB3NFQ, tells us that West Deer is using 453.725 mHz as a police frequency on the weekends normally being a township maintenance use during the week.

Speaking of Dave, he is one of our scanner net members who I used to speak with on the phone now and again who is now licensed. I just realized that when I looked his call sign up on QRZ and discovered that he was newly licensed this past April. Congratulation Dave!

A note on our Pod Cast. I got a call from Mike, KB3HCG, just prior to net time last night telling me that even though he was not home the net was being recorded and would be posted latter. He also mentioned that he had not yet had a chance to post last weeks net so they will both be available sometime soon.

Hope to hear all of you again next week on the Sunday evening TRAMA net.

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