Friday, October 19, 2007

Anxiously awaiting the new GRE radios 

I subscribe to several radio related mailing lists on the Internet and this posting comes from one of them. I have been watching the new line of scanners that were announced for a while now and I believe that October is supposed to be the release month for the new models. Should be interesting.

Here is the posting from the mailing list:

Peter wrote:

What is the difference between the 396T, and the new
scanners coming out this month? Is it the NAC

Larry replied:

Their are major differences Peter. I have just finished testing the latest version of the GRE PSR-500, and of course, have tested every Uniden that has been released since the 247. There is more to the GRE PSR-500/600 than just NAC decoding. As a PS scanner it is very impressive. TRS system information presented on the screen is much more than what Uniden gives. The unit is more sensitive than the 396 but its dynamic range is not as good. The object oriented programming is a bit easier, once you have read the manual but I do not agree that it is easier than a Uniden. You will still spend time with the manual, especially if you are use to a scanner with banks.

It is a bit less impressive in the aero bands (which is my main haunt). My biggest issue is 1800 locations (I can eat that and need more just for my local VHF/UHF aero freqs). I plan on using the PSR-500 exclusively for my PS comms and I will use the Uniden 330 for aero. My UNiden 396 will be used as a mixed bag between LMR and Aero (with the feds stuff on the 396). I gave the 247 to Gayle to use. ;-))

My complete review will appear in the November issue of MT. And contrary to what was previously reported in another review the GRE-500 does not have any battery issues. I have quite a bit of background on the features on my personal blog (address listed below).

73 de LVH

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Hey Chief,

You mentioned 247. Hopefully your really talking about the BC246T?

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