Thursday, October 18, 2007

Meeting of the oblong table 

We had a great meeting last night at Kings in Waterworks. Six of us showed up about 07:30 PM and had dinner while we talked scanners and ham radio. I learned quit a bit about how the wireless microphone setups work at the NFL games from Rich K3RWN. We also talked about the upcoming new scanners from GRE and we all agreed they are going to be very interesting. Frank (who needs to get a license) Stronic brought an updated copy of his excellent spreadsheet with confirmed frequencies and unit numbers sorted by community name. Thanks Frank!

As an extra special treat I got to spend a little time with Mike KE3FH who used to work with me but has migrated to Tennessee. Mike is doing well and it was good to see him again. Watch the blog and or listen in on the Sunday evening net at 09:00 PM on 147.090 to find out when the next meeting of the oblong table will be held.

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