Sunday, January 27, 2008

I knew this one was going to stir up a hornets nest 

I was checking some of the web sites that I usually haunt after the scanner net this evening and ran across this posting. I have to admit that some times I have these feelings myself, that I could never be as good as the old timers I knew when I got into the hobby. When I pull out a copy of the written exam that I had to pass for my Technician license, in those days you took the General class written and the five word per minute Novice code test to get the Tech license, some of the new comers look at me like I'm crazy.

It is true that now days we have a lot of people coming into the hobby that don't now which end of a soldering iron gets hot let alone what the various parts inside the boxes do at the component level. I do not look down on these folks as they have achieved the requirements set by the FCC to obtain their license so as far as I'm concerned they earned it. If like to poster of this article on eHam they want to learn more all the better. Take a look at the article and some of the comments that follow and see if you agree or disagree. It is food for thought either way.

Article on eHam web site.

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