Monday, January 07, 2008

Notes from the net Sunday Jan 6th 2008 

We had a good turn out on the net yesterday evening after what seemed like a very slow start. I think because the net had been somewhat neglected toward the end of the year and especially during the holidays.

Give yourselves a pat on the back. After our discussion of the transmitter that was stuck on in the GMRS service I received a number of emails from helpful hams and scanner listeners with reports of hearing the signal. One kind soul was able to find out it's origins and contact the owner who shut the station down. Thanks to all who helped.

We discussed two new models that are in Radio Shack's catalog and wondered as to the difference between them and existing models. The largest difference seemed to be the ability to "re-band" the units when the infamous Nextel frequencies go into full effect. We will have more on this on next weeks net.

I think there were a few other notes that I wanted to post here but unfortunately I have misplaced the hard copy so I'm not quite sure what they were at this point. Try not to get old if you can, it is a real pain at times! :-)

We announced that for the year 2008 that meetings of the Oblong Table will take place on the third Wednesday of each month at Kings in Waterworks Plaza with a starting time of 07:00 PM. As usual the monthly meetings of the group will continue to be the fourth Saturday at 09:00 AM with location to be determined on a month to month basis. Check in or listen in on the Sunday evening net for details. We meet on the air each week on 147.090 at 09:00 PM local time.

Hope to hear you on the net next week.

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