Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dance with the one what brung ya........ 

I was just listening to a conversation on the local 147.090 repeater between what I assume was a long time ham and a newcomer. I was multi tasking at the time trying to answer questions about new software that Linda bought for our Wii and listen to a podcast at the same time. Because of that I missed both guys names and calls but I got the gist of their conversation.

The newcomer was asking about the Breeze Shooters Hamfest wanting to know if there would be any dealers there. He is planning on buying an HF rig and wanted a first hand look and get to twirl the knobs before plunking down his hard earned cash. Pretty wise for a newcomer.

The gentlemen that made up the other half of the QSO informed him that yes indeed there would be dealers at Breeze Shooters and that he recommended KJI Electronics. He said that he had bought several items from them and has been very satisfied with the service. He also mentioned that they not only come to the Breeze Shooters ham fest each year but that they support the club and the ham fest.

I also have purchased equipment from KJI having acquired my dual mobile Yaesu FT-7800 from them the last time I went looking for a new rig for the car. I believe in spending your dollars either at home or with those that go out of the way to provide good service and or support your club. They should get your consideration when you decide to open your wallet, in my opinion even if they are a dollar or two more than their competitors. KJI has always made an effort to match or beat the price of other dealers in addition to being a friend of the club and the ham fest. So keep this in mind when you are ready to buy.

KJI Electronics of New Jersey

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