Saturday, March 06, 2010

iPhone on echoLink 

Here is an interesting posting from the K3MJW mailing list.

For you I-Phone geeks from WPA-ARES

Special operational note: On February 28, 2010 I (K3WS) used my Apple Iphone running the EchoLink Application (yes there is an App for that) connected to the N3YFO-R Echolink node (#295354) (which is connected to the 145.210Cambria County Repeater) to check in to our Sunday night ARES RACES Net. I might also mention I was mobile traveling East on Rt. 70 out of Breezewood PA. I received excellent audio reports. I remained connected until I signed off and disconnected about 10 Miles from Fredrick MD. It seems that the Echolink App for Iphone allows a relay function that is not blocked by a firewall. It is a very nice way to use an Iphone like an HT. I plan on trying to work one of my HF remote base rigs from the Iphone in the future.


Tom Brew K3WS

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