Sunday, April 18, 2010

Rare Space Shuttle Landing 

Thanks to Larry, AA3ZN, for the heads up on this one.

SPACE SHUTTLE RE-ENTRY: On Monday morning, April
19th, space shuttle Discovery will make a rare "descending
node" reentry over the continental United States. The
returning spacecraft will pass over or close to many towns
and cities en route to landing in Florida at 8:48 am EDT,
including Fort Peck Lake, Montana; Pierre, South Dakota;
Sioux City, Iowa; St. Louis, Missouri; Tupelo, Mississippi,
Birmingham, Alabama, and Jacksonville, Florida.
Observers along western parts of the ground track could see
the shuttle blazing through pre-dawn darkness. As
Discovery makes its way east, it will enter daylight and
fade into the bright blue background. If you can't see the
shuttle, however, you might be able to hear it. The shuttle
produces a sonic double-boom that reaches the ground about a
minute and a half after passing overhead. Check http://spaceweather.com for maps and more information.

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